May 26, 2018


AGTBE Seminars

  • Role of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, Dr Ali Moselhy, Minister of Social Solidarity
  • Past, Present and Future Relations between Egypt, Britain and the Middle East -An Ambassador’s Perspective, Sir Derek Plumbly, British Ambassador to Egypt
  • The New Middle East, Ambassador Hassan Eissa, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The Power of Positive Thinking and How it Programs Behavior? Dr Magda El Mofty, The American University in Cairo
  • Policies for Housing and Building in Egypt, Dr Amr Salama, Former Minister of Higher Education and Presidentof the National Centre for Research for Housing and Building
  • Liberalization and Recent Developments in the Telecommunications Sector, Dr Amr Badawy, Chairman, National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
  • Acting the Psychology of Performance, Laurence Rudic, Visiting British Actor and Director
  • What is Happening around Us? Dr Mostafa El Feki, Chairman of the Board, British University of Egypt
  • Whatever Else Happened to the Egyptians? Dr Galal Amin, Professor of Economics, The American University in Cairo

AGTBE Seminars(Launched in December 2004)

“Foreign Banks and their Role in the Economy”
Omar El Sayeh, Chairman Barclays Bank Egypt
October 2007

“Egypt ‘sStrategy for Pre-University Education”
Yousri El Gamal, Minister of Education
November 2007

“Egyptand Implications of thePolitical Developments in the Region”
Ali El Din Helal, Cairo University
March 2008

“Recent Developments in eGovernment in Egypt”
Ahmed Darwish, Minister of State for Administrative Development
May 2008