May 26, 2018

Action Plan

Target (1)

Increasing the fund available to the association to cover its development costs.

Actions to be taken:

  • Organize high level social events sponsored by several institutions.
  • Increase the number of AGTBE members via coordinating with Chevening employees to obtain their database of the alumni and open communication channels with them.

Target (2)

Ensuring the vested interest of UK graduates, trainees and other stakeholders to participate in achieving AGTBE’s goals while ensuring the transfer of knowledge given that most of us are experts in their respective fields

  • AGTBE members should coordinate with their HR departments regarding the new recruitment openings at their institutions. AGTBE should contact the HR department in all relevant institutions that AGTBE members work at, with the support of the member, to put AGTBE on the list to receive the openings to forward to all members.
  • Develop a mechanism whereby significant policy issues and hurdles can be raised by one of the members and then sent to the relevant authorities after being formulated and studied by AGTBE members. This includes the British companies operating in Egypt. To achieve this, the proposed mechanism is as follows:

Established specialized committees chaired by the board members or any other member (given that he/she is an active one) to be a venue for discussing various specialized issues. The below mentioned committees (as an example) are channels for people to get involved in the discussions of policy making and advocacy. The outcome of the committee meetings, discussions and proposals will be communicated directly with top policy makers in the country and to the media. Members are to choose the committees they want to participate in through emails.

  1. Economic Committee: discuss all issues pertinent to economic policies and financial sector (fiscal, monetary, banking, capital markets and investment). This will definitely be conducted with other relevant committees.
  2. Legislative and Regulations Committee: address and discuss all new regulations and laws from a legal point of view and propose amendments in the existing ones, and even propose amendments to new legislations. Other committees will participate according to the type of legislation and interest.
  • Energy Committee: address the energy issues in Egypt, develop papers and proposals to change regulations governing the energy sector. This should feed into the bigger economic picture. This will be conducted with other relevant committees.
  1. Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Committee: This committee will focus on the enablers of MSMEs and on legislative amendments to foster the development of MSMEs.
  2. Construction and Real Estate Committee: this sector is quite significant in the economy and probably AGTBE members will have a lot to support in drafting policy stances for the government to at least consider or even adopt.
  3. ICT Committee: discuss the new developments in this sector and propose policy changes to develop it further.
  • Organize fairs for AGTBEs entrepreneurs to present their ideas and business plans to other members (potential investors). Once this is developed and tested for several times we can invite some external financial institutions (VCs, Angel Investors and the like) to attend the meetings with the winning business plans and ideas.
  • Long-term target is to develop a pension or unemployment insurance for members who participate in this scheme. We can achieve this long-term target once we have a sizable number of members.

All of the above is conducted to ensure the vested interest of current members, potential members, and other stakeholders to participate towards achieving AGTBEs goals and see the value that AGTBE provides.

Target (3)

Increase members’ awareness towards development.

Actions to be taken:

  • Arrange monthly saloons and invite key speakers from different areas such as political, economic, legal, urban ……
  • Arrange workshops in coordination with the British Council and UK Universities.

Target (4)

Provide an HR database of CV’s to the government to be used for hiring high performers candidates.

Actions to be taken:

  • Build a database of CV’s of the Alumni from the British Universities.
  • Grouping the CV’s according to specialization.
  • Bind the CV’s and present it to the Prime minister and H.E. British ambassador.

Target (5)

Improve AGTBE’s image towards the public and its members.

Actions to be taken:

  • Develop AGTBE’s website to be interactive, with specific people (new staff) mandated for the content development and management with the support of the board members and assigning responsibility for managing Facebook and LinkedIn pages.
  • Each board member should have an e-mail on AGTBE with limited capacity. Communication with other stakeholders should be done through AGTBE e-mails.
  • Create a section on the website for current and potential members seeking employment opportunities to upload their CVs serving two targets; a) develop the list of members and potential members; b) support members via sending the CVs of the unemployed to the institutions that AGTBE have relationship with their HR departments.
  • Develop a list of journalists and media people to send them the press releases after each committee, board, social event meetings or gatherings.
  • Promotional giveaways with AGTBE logo such as pins, notebooks, pens…etc.