May 26, 2018

Concept Note

The Association of Graduates and Trainees from Britain in Egypt

AGTBE has been set up in 1995 as a professional association for the Egyptian Chevening Scholars to promote links between the scholars, trainees and alumni of the British universities in Egypt. The association aims at engaging its members in social, educational, cultural and professional activities that capitalize on the caliber and knowledge of the members, with the purpose of contributing to the social and economic development of Egypt.


In its pursuit to achieve its goals and serve its members and their organizations, AGTBE is inaugurating the Independent Directors Initiative (IDI) at this conference. As the role of independent non-executive directors features prominently in corporate governance codes worldwide and in Egypt as well. The presence of independent representatives on the board, capable of challenging the decisions of the management, is widely considered as a means of protecting the interests of shareholders and, where appropriate, other stakeholders.


The Independent Director Initiative (IDI) is a joint initiative between AGTBE, The Certified Directors Forum of Egypt (CDFE) and LOGIC Management Consulting. IDI’s purpose is to promote a broad understanding of the role and contribution of non-executive directors through a programme of targeted events.


To supplement this, the IDI will have a link in the three parties’ websites. With the increasing importance of the role of the non-executive and independent directors over the last few years, AGTBE, CDFE and LOGIC have responded within their individual organisations and have a host of useful information available via their own websites, which can be accessed via the links alongside.